Forty Under 40

Luke Kemper

Written By: Business Magazine

Name:  Luke Harrison Kemper

Birthdate: 11/14/1982

Where were you born?  Gainesville FL
What are your community activities? (church or faith-based involvement, local, regional and national professional organizations, non-profits, etc)
We support a variety of charity events and are involved with a number of organizations: Reelin for Kids, United Downtown, Taste of Gainesville, Tyler’s Hope, Pace Center for Girls, Children’s Home Society, We are Neutral, Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, Swallowtail Farms (farm to table events), Blue Oven Kitchens, NCF, Puttin on the Ritz, Brewers Assocation

What is your definition of success?  Someone who can accomplish their goals both personally and professionally while maintaining high standards of moral accountability.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment? I would have to say convincing the banks to give me money for this hair brained idea I had written on a napkin, called Swamp Head Brewery!  All joking aside, being able to build a business based on honesty and integrity and have our staff and community believe in us, is my greatest professional accomplishment, by far.
How do you exemplify the spirit of a Forty Under 40 professional?  I personally believe that I exemplify this by how I live my life. I am a risk taker and enjoy pushing the limits in life and work. I work hard to make sure that Swamp Head is always putting out the best product it can while also focusing on minimizing our carbon footprint.   Every day is challenging and welcomed as an opportunity to learn and grow.  I also try to inspire growth amongst team members by being open and honest and admitting my own faults to let people know that life can never be taken too seriously.

Businessperson who has most inspired you:  I wouldn’t say that there is one person who inspired me but rather the mind set shown by all successful business people.  The dedication and desire to constantly improve and always push for excellence.

Best advise ever received:  If you are going to do a job, do it right the first time.

Greatest professional challenge: Managing and dealing with all the different complications that come with all of the amazing people in our industry and their differing personalities.

First job: DOCs – it was an office supply company where I assembled furniture and helped with deliveries

What color crayon would you be? Why?  Blue, because I love water and being outdoors.

Favorite after-work drink:  Ready for the shocker?  Beer.

If I had a magic wand, I’d:  Hide it and not tell anyone that I had it and until I figured out what I should do with it.

What is your favorite Gadget?  Power-pole.  With life always moving at hundred miles an hour now I can fish with the same speed.  I no longer have to deal with deploying or retrieving an anchor.  It is truly amazing.

How long have you been in Gainesville? All my life except for 4 years for college and a little work.

What do you love most about Gainesville/Alachua County? The values that seem to resonate from Gainesville and Alachua country seem strongly aligned with my core vales.  The support that they show our company and how we are received is also a huge plus.  Everyday I am excited about what we do and the effect it is having upon our community.
Three things people would be surprised to know about you:  I’ve played sports my whole life, but you’d never be able to tell based on my leg size. I thought it was normal to eat squirrels as a kid (apparently we were more country than I thought). I’ve never fallen asleep during a movie or watching TV.

Advice you would give a younger you:  Read more and learn to be more patient.

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