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Emergency Physicians Medical Center: Making Your Workers’ Compensation Experience Less Painful

Written By: Erica Pope

You and your colleagues are preparing for a major presentation when a team member trips and falls in the parking lot as he’s loading materials into his car. He can’t walk due to his rapidly swelling ankle that is more painful with each step. Now, not only are you faced with getting to the presentation on time but you also must decide where to send your employee to receive the medical care he needs. You know that the urgent care center down the street costs 10 times less than the emergency room, but you’re not sure whether it can treat such a severe injury.

Emergency Physicians Medical Center provides the solution you need for work-related injuries, combining the advanced level of care found in a hospital with the low prices you would find at an urgent care center.

“As a small-business owner, I understand the responsibility of taking care of my employees in the workplace, which is why our team of doctors are experts in occupational and workers’ compensation medicine,” said founder and CEO Dr. Steven Yucht.

According to Yucht, more than 80 percent of patients seen in local emergency departments do not need to be admitted to the hospital and are paying for medical care that is more expensive than the same care at Emergency Physicians Medical Center.

“We give businesses the ability to keep their employees out of the emergency room, saving them thousands of dollars in medical care costs and getting them back to work sooner,” Yucht said.

Workers’ compensation and work-related injury costs continue to rise, affecting small business owners’ bottom lines. In fact, the overall statewide workers’ compensation rate increased 14.5 percent in Florida effective December 2016 in response to two recent Supreme Court rulings. Emergency Physicians Medical Center can reduce the burden of these rising costs to business owners by providing a low-cost option to treat all work-related injuries.

Gainesville residents are close to some of the best, most advanced medical facilities in Florida. With access to two hospitals, four free-standing emergency departments and several urgent care centers, choosing the best option for medical care during a crisis can be stressful. Emergency Physicians Medical Center is the only “advanced” urgent care in Gainesville, setting itself apart from other local urgent care options by employing emergency-trained physician specialists who are equipped to handle any injury or illness that doesn’t need an ambulance.

This unique business model creates short wait times and combines the expertise and advanced diagnostics for high acuity needs that were previously only accessible in an ER. Services include an on-site lab, IV fluids and medications, digital x-rays and ultrasound. In addition to treating work-related injuries, the center provides occupational medicine services including pre-work and drug screenings, vaccinations and immunizations, wellness screenings and physical exams.

Business owners can be assured that their employees will be well taken care of at Emergency Physicians Medical Center.

Although the medical services set the center apart from other medical providers in town, Dr. Yucht explained how it is not enough for his business just to stop there.

“Our personalized customer service differentiates us,” Yucht said. “Our team of highly experienced doctors and exceptionally caring staff provide patients the advanced care for work-related injuries, which gives employers assurance that we will help get their employees back to work in a timely manner.”

Emergency Physicians Medical Center has two locations in Gainesville, one on Northwest 39th Avenue and Interstate 75 and the other on Tower Road and Southwest 24th Avenue. Both locations offer state-of-the-art facilities with specialized rooms for eyes; ear, nose, and throat; and pelvic exams in addition to a procedure room for minor surgeries and diagnostic technologies including X-rays and ultrasound.

This combination of personalized customer service, advanced medical care and low costs makes Emergency Physicians Medical Center the premier emergency provider in Gainesville. Whether it’s you with an illness or an employee who was injured on the job, Emergency Physicians Medical Center is ready to make your experience less painful. Call today to speak with practice administrator Daniel Fortner to learn how the center can help with your workers’ compensation and occupational medicine needs.

What to Do If an Employee is Hurt on The Job:

  • Contact your workers’ compensation insurance carrier to notify them of the injury. The insurance company will need to know the name and date of birth of the patient, date and description of injury and the preferred medical provider.
  • Inform your insurance carrier that you are sending the injured employee to Emergency Physicians Medical Center. They will provide the necessary pre-authorizations so all visits are covered.
  • Contact Emergency Physicians Medical Center or give the insurance pre-authorization information to the patient. It is not necessary for the employer or supervisor to go to the office. The employee will need to bring a picture ID.
  • Emergency Physicians Medical Center will examine the patient expediently and provide the necessary medical care to get the employee back to work as quickly as possible.
  • Emergency Physicians Medical Center will provide the employer with a report regarding the timely return to duty, including any restrictions.

Photography by Steffanie Crockett and John Sloan

ERICA POPE is a first-year law student at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. She recently graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Editing, Writing, and Media. When she isn’t in the law library reading, you can find her enjoying her free time at a Gator football game or relaxing with her family.

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