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The Amazing Spiderman Scott Mulholland

Written By: Alyssa Ramos

  Media news sources nicknamed Mr. Mulholland after the red and blue, web-slinging superhero after they saw the former U.S. Marine rappel down the sides of high-rise buildings to inspect its exterior. Later, he would legally change his name to Spiderman.

The former marine sniper with his fifty caliber rifle

“I wanted to be James Bond, Sherlock Homes or a superhero,” Spiderman said. “I didn’t know which one to be, so I became all three.”

Spiderman Scott Mulholland is the founder and CEO of U.S. Building Consultants Inc., a forensics engineering firm with a focus on moisture engineer systems and controls. With his sophisticated technology, extensive forensics experience and drive, he continues to serve the community, and has been able to wear all three hats.

“We are the number one company in this state that can properly diagnose the problems, develop a solution and execute at a very high level of expertise,” said Spiderman.

Spiderman with his wife Tina and first-born son, Scott Mulholland.

Thirty years in the construction industry, over 4,000 building investigations and over 100 certifications later, it may be hard to believe that this real-life superhero used to be a homeless kid on skid row.

In his hometown of Seattle, social services separated him from his alcoholic parents, and left him to fend for himself on the streets. He faced rejection at every corner. He jumped from foster home to foster home, panhandled on the streets and slept in dumpsters.

“The loneliness almost had me kill myself, but the rejection has never left me,” Spiderman said. “That rejection has instilled a passion in me to serve and to give.”

A bouncer from a local bar befriended him and helped him join the U.S. Marines. He was very skilled in the Marines and became a U.S. Marine Sniper. During this time, he was involved in a car accident in which an elderly woman died in his arms. Spiderman later became a born-again Christian through this tragic experience.

“Becoming a Christian was a huge turning point in my life. I believe it’s one of the main reasons why I’ve been so successful.” Spiderman said. “If I ever stop giving back, I will probably die doing so.”

After being discharged from the U.S. Marines Corps, and only having 15 dollars to his name, he went door to door to find work. Using his rappelling skills from the Marines, he began his own window washing business in North Carolina. He sold that business and moved his family to Pensacola, Florida. He started a new business and grew it into a multi-million-dollar corporation. He started and owned multiple companies which includes US building Consultants and Building Envelope Science Institute, here in Gainesville.

“Sometimes a failure can be your greatest asset,” Spiderman said. “It makes you hungry, it makes you fight and go to the next level.”

Spiderman at his book launch for Jump!

The company prides itself on tackling the 100 deadliest sins of the construction industry. And at the Institute, they teach, train and certify the construction industry in moisture engineering and building science.

Spiderman’s latest project is to teach the new generation of construction professionals the methods and ethics of the construction industry through the Building Envelope Science Institute. Spiderman just released his life story in a book called, “Jump!: Now You Will Have No Excuse,” which is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Spiderman’s mind set is, “You cannot kill something that refuses to die. Find out what you love to do and then pursue it with unrelenting passion!”


Photography by John Sloan and Courtesy of Besi

ALYSSA RAMOS is a second year Journalism major at the University of Florida with a minor in French. She is an aspiring magazine journalist, a fashion enthusiast, and a Netflix binger with hopes of telling people’s stories through all forms of media. For now, she is still honing her writing skills, but she’s always in search of a good book and a strong cup of coffee.

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