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  • Brandon Nappy

    Nappy is the marketing director who is in charge of the continued growth of the Swamp Head brand. As such, he has the honor of guiding the company’s voice and direction. For the past 20 years, Nappy has been involved in philanthropic pursuits in Gainesville beginning with education at Metcalfe Elementary and now for the past eight years at Swamp Head, during which  the business has worked with community partners to bring several projects to fruition.

    Swamp Head has teamed up with Solar Impact to host Tree Fest. Within the last three years,  Swamp Head has have planted over 100,000 longleaf pine trees in Alachua County with the Alachua Conservation Trust. For Nappy, that has been their biggest impact and like tech moguls such as Elon Musk, he’s not afraid to embark on projects.

    “I am most passionate about education and environmental stewardship. I have always felt the best way to lead is by example and motivation, so I try to be heard by showing people how they can be involved in the efforts that I am passionate about,” Nappy said.