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Cox Business®: Expanding Your Businesses Capabilities

Written By: Cox Business Marketing

It all starts with a connection.

In our emerging cloud-computing world, successful business operations benefit from secure anytime access to important files, customer contact information and online applications. Whether you’re a large, established business or a startup organization, Cox Business Internet can help you communicate, research, download and transfer data with confidence and ease. With speeds up to 300 Mbps and scalable features including static IP addresses, online backup, Cox Wi-Fi hotspot access, security suite and business-grade email accounts, Cox Business Internet has the flexibility to find the right solution for your business.


Fiber-fueled gig speeds for your business. It’s already here. 

It is well known that the Internet is mission critical to a business’s successful operations and that’s why Cox Business offers a premium, dedicated connection for reliable business traffic. Fiber-optic dependability and scalable speeds are ideal to meet large businesses’ Internet access requirements. The flexible solution you get with fiber Internet consistently delivers equally fast upload and download speeds, which reduces the time to send and receive large data files while increasing your productivity. Symmetrical bandwidth that is scalable from 5Mb to 100Gb is ideal to meet large businesses’ specific solution needs.

“Fiber is the most reliable form of information transport on the market,” said VP of Sales, Florida/Georgia Cox Business, Harbin Bolton. “We are proud to be able to offer this kind of premium connection to our customers.”

By using our own multi-Terabit nationwide network, we can quickly connect your Internet traffic to any location in the world. And, with our fiber optic-based metropolitan area network in Gainesville, you are assured of a well-designed, customized solution supported by knowledgeable, local personnel. Using the latest technology, the Cox Network Operations Center monitors our networks 24/7 to resolve problems before they impact your business connections.

As your business evolves, so should your phone system.

With our focus on business-to-business services, Cox Business offers a complete portfolio of communications solutions, including advanced voice solutions and services. With Cox Business IP Centrex with Unified Communications we help keep your lines of communication open no matter where you are.

“Signing up for Cox Business IP Centrex was a smart move for our team,” said Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Susan Davenport.“Business IP Centrex makes it possible for us to access messages in multiple ways, and provides an infrastructure that has worked as a fail-safe for us. For example, during a time when we experienced a line outage (not related to Cox’s network), we were still able to receive voice mail messages via email, and listen to them and return the calls promptly from our cell phones. Also, the mobility facilitated by Business IP Centrex helps us better serve our members anytime and anywhere; as a small staff, we are constantly on the go and can’t be tethered to a desk.”

In helping you simplify your business needs, we provide a host of robust voice benefits such as cost effectiveness, business continuity, feature rich applications, and convergence.

Download the app on your smartphone, tablet or desktop and enjoy real-time communications capabilities, such as instant messaging, presence, conferencing, call control, and mobility that keep you, your employees and customers informed and in touch.

Your business is in good hands — yours.

Living in an evolving and sometimes unsecure environment, we all know that businesses face all types of risk. With Cox Business Security Solutions, we monitor and protect your business anywhere, anytime.

Cox Business Security Solutions uses the most advanced protection and surveillance technology to safeguard your business around the clock. What it comes down to is…We’re local employees known for award winning services and our local community involvement. And that is why Cox Business should be your total solutions provider.

“Security is one of the key focus areas that business owners think about when safeguarding their business, their employees and customers. And Cox Business takes that seriously,” said VP of Sales, Florida/Georgia Cox Business, Harbin Bolton. “Our company is excited to introduce Security Solutions to the Central Florida markets.”

Cox is a name that you already know and trust. We provide data, phone and video services to over 6 million customers across the nation, just like you. It’s that infrastructure, support and commitment to world class customer service that makes Cox a logical choice to protect your business. Cox Business Security Solutions offers both detection and surveillance services to monitor and protect your business.

Cox Business Security Solutions

Product Benefits


  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Battery and cellular backup included with all systems
  • Access via touchscreen pad, web portal or mobile app


  • Minimum of seven-day, on premise video storage
  • Remote access for smartphone, web or tablet
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras



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